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Jessica Sanchez Fox photos

Filipino Blogger’s Forecast: Jessica Sanchez Will Win American Idol

Elton Lugay does the math, and predicts that Jessica Sanchez will be crowned the next American Idol. We bring you this report from our partner, The FilAm.


An Immigrant Once Called ‘Nigger’ Is Now Mayor of Small PA Town

In the lethargic town of Ridgway, Pennsylvania – which is closer to Canada than to New York City – there are only a handful of Filipino residents, and one of them got elected Mayor. Cristina DC Pastor brings us this story from The FilAm.

Jessica Sanchez

Filipinos Abuzz Over “Saved” American Idol Contestant Jessica Sanchez

The 16 year old singer with a golden voice was almost booted from the show until the judges “saved” her. Filipinos are asking how it could have happened.


Transgender Filipinos Confront the Stigma of Prostitution

Prostitution is a way to make ends meet for many Filipino transgender women in New York. This story comes to us from The FilAm, an online magazine for Filipino Americans in New York.


Irish Immigration Bill Raises Questions in Latino, Asian Communities

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) wants to allocate 10,500 more work visas to Irish immigrants a year. But the bill makes some people uncomfortable because it singles out one ethnic group.

dream activists

2011 – A Year of Activism for the DREAM Act and Undocumented Immigrant Youth

Undocumented youth activists stepped up their game in 2011, organizing civil disobedience actions, online video campaigns, and support for state-level DREAM Acts that would aid in tuition-relief.

The author's parents

First and Second Generation Filipinos and the Root of their Conflict

A personal essay about the tensions that flared between father and son in the Bronx after one family’s arrival from the Philippines.

Lorial Crowder

A Filipino Raised By White Americans

Cristina DC Pastor interviews Lorial Crowder, co-founder of the Filipino Adoptees Network, who was adopted at the age of five.

kilusan Bautista

‘My Lolo Screamed at Me: Why Are You Telling the Family Stories?’

Performance artist and activist Kilusan Bautista has a personal brand of hip hop theater. His latest work, ‘Universal Filipino,’ is a solo theatrical piece debuting in New York this weekend. Jocelyn Gonzales sat down with Bautista to find out more about his background and art in an interview for TheFilAm.

Ramon Grijalvo

Celebrating Filipino Immigrants Lost in 9/11

Twenty one Filipino Americans died in the attacks of September 11, 2001. Reporter Cristina DC Pastor looks back at their lives in TheFilAm, an online magazine for Filipino Americans living in New York.