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Commentary: Between Obama and Romney, Choice Should Be Crystal Clear to Immigrants

Columnist Erwin de Leon has no doubt about who immigrants should vote for after watching the second presidential debate.


Commentary: Campaigns Blitz Latino Voters with Ads, But Will it Change the Race?

Fi2W commentator Jack Tomas takes a critical look at the latest crop of political ads -in both Spanish and English – aimed at Latino voters.

Immigration News Picks 9/20/2012: Romney and the Latino vote, Report Shows Racial Profiling of Hispanics in North Carolina

A roundup of news from the presidential campaign and other stories from around the nation.

Immigration News Picks 9/17/2012: Romney Campaign Courts the Hispanic Vote

The GOP presidential candidate is highlighting the economic pain felt by Hispanics in a speech to Latino business leaders.


Podcast: Can the GOP Convince Enough Hispanic Voters to Help Elect Mitt Romney?

Mitt Romney is supported by fewer than 30 percent of Latino voters. Two Latino journalists talk about what he can do to improve his standing.

Despite Display of Diversity, GOP Actions and Words Send Hostile Message to Immigrants

Republicans are trying to appeal to immigrants and people of color with a diverse cast of convention speakers. But Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon says the GOP’s message is anti-immigrant.

Romney-Ryan Ticket Bad for Immigrants

Rep. Paul Ryan, the GOP vice presidential candidate, shares Mitt Romney’s hardline stance on immigration. A Romney-Ryan administration would not be as friendly to immigrants as the Obama administration argues Erwin de Leon.

A Latino Running Mate Won’t Win Romney ‘The Latino Vote’

Latino political blogger Jack Tomas thinks all the rumors that Romney will choose a Latino running mate are hogwash. In this piece he gives us a rundown of Romney’s Latino VP choices — and explains why they will all fall flat.

Romney Presents Best Candidate for Latinos: Obama

Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon writes that Mitt Romney had nothing substantial to say in his speech to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials.

De Leon: Rocking the Boat, and the Vote, for a Dream

President Obama holds the power to realize the ultimate dreams of undocumented youth—but he’s choosing not to wield it.