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Cynthia Otero With Her Son Christian at New York Immigration Reform Rally - Photo: Cristina DC Pastor

In a City of Immigrants, Support for a Middle Path for the Undocumented

New Yorkers take a centrist position on immigration reform.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg spoke on Fox News in favor of national immigration reform

Bloomberg Joins Murdoch on Fox News to Push for Immigration Reform

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is leading a coalition of mayors and powerful businessmen to push for immigration reform, as a way to stimulate the U.S. economy.

Mexican Restaurant in Detroit - Photo: JS_Frank/Flickr

Latino Businesses Flourish In Detroit: FI2W’s Martina Guzman on All Things Considered

The demand for Mexican food has stimulated entrepreneurship and economic growth in Detroit.

House for sale in Flushing, Queens

Between A Rock and A Hard Place: Asian Immigrants and Foreclosures in NYC

Asian immigrants in New York City continue to reel from the economic recession, particularly the aftermath of the housing market collapse.

Mount Sinai Hospital - Photo: Cristina DC Pastor

Once a Hospital Mainstay, Filipino Immigrant Nurses Face Dwindling Job Opportunities

In NY, with a heavy concentration of Filipino nurses working in hospitals and nursing homes, 3 areas of concern weigh heavily: the recession, a shortage of visas, and a testing scandal.

(Photo: DreamActivist/Flickr)

Legalization of Undocumented Students Would Have Economic Benefits, Group Claims

The Dream Act would have direct economic benefits that would “boost the American middle class,” a new study says.

Elba Reyes, here with one of her children, has seen Bushwick deteriorate - Photo: Eva Sanchis/El Diario La Prensa

Stimulus Funds Are Not Enough to Fight Foreclosures in New York

Homeowners in Bushwick have seen home prices sink 45% in two years. Hopes for the neighborhood’s revitalization rest on the federal Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2, but its benefits are uncertain.

Opportunists are making a killing in Bushwick - Photo: Eva Sanchis/El Diario La Prensa.

Mortgage Modification Swindlers Prey on Desperate Homeowners in Hispanic Area in Brooklyn

After President Obama announced a $75 billion plan for homeowners in distress, shady companies started offering Bushwick residents help with their mortgage modifications… for a fee.

Bushwick has been gravely affected by the housing crisis - Photo: Eva Sanchis/El Diario La Prensa

In Brooklyn, Mortgage Crisis Eats Away Wealth of Several Generations of Hispanics

Subprime loans and costly refinancing proliferated in the predominantly Hispanic neighborhood of Bushwick before the housing crisis. Now area families face the consequences.

Claudete Alcântara

Stimulus Saves English Literacy Classes for Immigrants in Massachusetts

The good days have returned for Brazilian immigrant Claudete Alcântara. Thanks to a $50,000 grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), the Everett Literacy Program has reopened its English classes and she is one of 54 students who have now returned to school.