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Stories about immigrant communities in American cities.
Food In 2 Worlds

Food in 2 Worlds™: Fast and Spicy, Reinventing the French Crêpe for NY Tastes

The traditional French delicacy has been redesigned to reflect American tastes.


Commentary: The Chicago Teacher’s Strike, Public Education, and Immigrants

The Chicago teacher’s strike is in its fifth day. Fi2W commentator Erwin de Leon thinks the outcome will be particularly important for immigrants.

Randel Berha (left), Moses St. Louis, Jean Price Vixamar-Lucien, Ronald Glemaud at an Amateur Cooking Contest
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Food in 2 Worlds: Has Migration Made a Cook out of the Haitian Male?

Traditional gender roles are changing as Haitian American men step into the kitchen. Journalist and chef Nadege Fleurimond brings us this story and podcast as part of our Food in 2 Worlds series.


Chinatown’s Reinvented Economy – New Businesses, New Immigrants, New Growth

Chinatown’s economy is in transition as bus companies, wedding services and food production soar, serving communities across the northeast.

Protesters outside 26 Federal Plaza

For Some, Occupy Movement is a Test of Faith

A growing number of religious activists within the larger Occupy Wall Street movement are urging their flocks to see the connection between faith and action. Juan Carlos Ruiz, a Mexican immigrant who assists a Lutheran parish in Sunset Park, is one of them.

New York Youth fighting for the NYS Dream Act in Albany

Undocumented Youth to Walk from NYC to Albany to Lobby for NYS DREAM Act

Immigrant youth are increasing pressure on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to support a bill to provide financial assistance to undocumented college students.

A steaming plate of food
Food In 2 WorldsStories

Inspired by Spiritual Leader, Immigrant Community Cooks Vegetarian Food for NYC Homeless

Each week, devotees of the Indian spiritual leader Sathya Sai Baba feed New York City’s homeless and hungry population. Reporter Ramma Reddy Raghavan brings us this story for our Food in 2 Worlds series.

Charles Bibilos with Chef Jeannie Ongkeo at Mangez Avec Moi
Food In 2 Worlds

Food in 2 Worlds: One Man’s Quest to Taste Food from Every Nation, Without Leaving NYC

Charles Bibilos is creating his own United Nations of food by seeking out cooks from every nation in the world, all within the confines of New York’s five boroughs.


A King Among Bus Drivers

James Oladipo Buremoh drives a Gray Line tour bus. He is also a king in his native Nigeria. Pearl Gabel produced this video about Buremoh for City Limits.

jeremy lin

New York’s Ethnic Press Advances the Story of Knicks Star Jeremy Lin

Ethnic media is reporting on the ripple effects of Lin’s success in immigrant communities.