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For Bilingual Viewers a Wider World of Olympic Sports Coverage

Those who can flip between NBC and Telemundo get a more complete view of the games in London.


The U.S. Olympic Team Tells the Story of Immigration, Offers a Vision of Unity

Erwin de Leon sees not only athletic excellence, but a model for what America can look like as a multicultural and pluralistic society.

The Badmouthing of Jeremy Lin – Is it Racism?

When the New York Knicks announced on Tuesday they were not matching the $25.1 million, back-loaded offer sheet negotiated by the Houston Rockets for Jeremy Lin, the Internet erupted with insults about the Asian American basketball star. A story by Alek Bituin from our partner, The FilAm.

NHL Playoffs: The Hockey Myth, Joel Ward and My Immigrant Identity

The Washington Capitals face the NY Rangers tonight, but Sehreen Noor Ali can’t stop thinking about Game 7 of the last playoff round when Joel Ward’s winning goal shot the Capitals to glory and set off a wave of racist comments from fans.

New York’s Ethnic Press Advances the Story of Knicks Star Jeremy Lin

Ethnic media is reporting on the ripple effects of Lin’s success in immigrant communities.


‘Cricket Diplomacy’ Between NYPD and Pakistani Diplomats

At a time when diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Pakistan are tense, local law enforcement and Pakistani diplomats based in NYC tried to find common ground and friendship through a national pastime. Reporter Mohsin Zaheer brings us a video report.

Thanks to Facebook, Filipino Immigrants Had “Front Row” Seats for Pacquiao-Mosley Fight

When Filipino boxing hero Manny Pacquiao pummeled Shane Mosley in a recent fight, the best view in the house was on Facebook. This story comes to us from TheFilAm.net, a new online magazine for Filipino Americans in the New York area.

What South Asian Immigrants and the Rest of the World Are Watching

The Cricket World Cup–Think the Red Sox versus the Yankees at the World Series Final and then multiply that by a billion.


A Mexican Immigrant Wears Detroit’s Golden Gloves

A gym in Southwest Detroit serving the Mexican immigrant community has cultivated a star, 18 year old Erick De Leon. But as a non-citizen, De Leon’s opportunities are limited.