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A Filipino Raised By White Americans

Cristina DC Pastor interviews Lorial Crowder, co-founder of the Filipino Adoptees Network, who was adopted at the age of five.


‘My Lolo Screamed at Me: Why Are You Telling the Family Stories?’

Performance artist and activist Kilusan Bautista has a personal brand of hip hop theater. His latest work, ‘Universal Filipino,’ is a solo theatrical piece debuting in New York this weekend. Jocelyn Gonzales sat down with Bautista to find out more about his background and art in an interview for TheFilAm.

Filipino Teachers Casualties of Immigration Fiasco

A labor violation by Maryland’s Prince George’s County Public Schools has resulted in an ugly confrontation with the U.S. Department of Labor, and some 800 Filipino teachers are caught in the crossfire.

Shock and Praise Following Immigrant Journalist’s Confession

Filipino reaction to the admission by journalist Jose Antonio Vargas – a Filipino immigrant – that he is undocumented.