New Filipina Talk Show Airs in October

Starting this month Filipinos in the U.S. will have their own version of “The View.” Conceived by Cristina DC Pastor, the founder and editor of The FilAm and a Fi2W contributor, and Queens Public Television (QPTV) producer Maricor Fernandez, the talk show ‘Makilala‘ will feature four Filipina women of different ages and backgrounds talking (in English) about contemporary Filipino issues and culture.

Jen Furer, Rachelle Ocampo, Maria Cruz Lee, and Pastor are the stars of ‘Makilala.’

Rachelle works with Pilipino American Unity for Progress, Inc. or UniPro, Jen works for the pro bono immigration law group Faldef, and Maria works with Commissioner Fatima Shama at the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs.

Cristina and Maria had immediately synergy when they came up with the idea for ‘Makilala’.

“We talked some more. And then it dawned on us: We were embarking on something that many others have been doing. We paused to exhale. Why not a talk show with four FilAm women. I told Maricor I’ve always wanted to do a talk show a la “The View” and this is not the first time I was letting on. I must have told this to everyone who cared to listen. Maricor took it up a notch: She brought the idea to her mentors at QPTV. She came back beaming: Great idea; greenlighted,” Pastor writes.

The show, which promises to explore everyday people who are making a difference in the world, will be available on the FilAm’s Facebook page beginning in August, and airs on QPTV beginning in October.

Read more about the producers and hosts on The FilAm.

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