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Phillipe Nover ‘The Filipino Assassin’ is a Healing Nurse

The challenge of being a nurse by day and a fighter at night.


Commentary: A Filipino Immigrant’s Experience With Stop-and-Frisk

A Filipino performance artist became a victim of stop-and-frisk because he wore braids and the gang colors of black and orange.


New Filipina Talk Show Airs in October

After years of planning, The FilAm founder Cristina DC Pastor is launching a Filipina version of “The View.”

jeremy lin

The Badmouthing of Jeremy Lin – Is it Racism?

When the New York Knicks announced on Tuesday they were not matching the $25.1 million, back-loaded offer sheet negotiated by the Houston Rockets for Jeremy Lin, the Internet erupted with insults about the Asian American basketball star. A story by Alek Bituin from our partner, The FilAm.

Jose Antonio Vargas

Jose Antonio Vargas After a Year of Living Dangerously

Jose Antonio Vargas became the public face of undocumented youth when he revealed his status in a New York Times Magazine piece. Cristina DC Pastor sent us this report from The FilAm, an online magazine for Filipino Americans in the New York area.

Jessica Sanchez and Philip Phillips

Commentary From a Filipino Fan: No regrets, Jessica Sanchez

Elton Lugay was crushed when he watched Jessica Sanchez narrowly miss the American Idol crown, but says he would support her–and any Filipino who has genuine talent–again in a second.

Jessica Sanchez Fox photos

Filipino Blogger’s Forecast: Jessica Sanchez Will Win American Idol

Elton Lugay does the math, and predicts that Jessica Sanchez will be crowned the next American Idol. We bring you this report from our partner, The FilAm.


An Immigrant Once Called ‘Nigger’ Is Now Mayor of Small PA Town

In the lethargic town of Ridgway, Pennsylvania – which is closer to Canada than to New York City – there are only a handful of Filipino residents, and one of them got elected Mayor. Cristina DC Pastor brings us this story from The FilAm.


Transgender Filipinos Confront the Stigma of Prostitution

Prostitution is a way to make ends meet for many Filipino transgender women in New York. This story comes to us from The FilAm, an online magazine for Filipino Americans in New York.

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The Food in Two Worlds Podcast: Filipino Pop-Up Restaurant in NYC Offers Menu with Attitude

At Maharlika in Manhattan’s East Village the menu includes dishes such as Eggs Imelda and Eggs Benigno, intended to provoke conversations about Filipino history and culture.