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Podcast: How To Wear Your Hair? A Potent Question For African & Caribbean Immigrant Women

Beauty, self-confidence and “fitting in” to American culture are factors for black women immigrants when they choose their hair style.

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Food in 2 Worlds™ Podcast: Sub-Saharan Brooklyn Offers the Flavors of Africa

An insider’s guide to the best African cuisine in Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood.


Podcast: A Journey of Self Discovery for the Son of African Immigrants

For Phillip Kisubika a late night taxi ride in Boston led to an exploration of his family’s roots.


Commentary: A Christmas Present for Victor

A private bill allowing Victor Chukwueke to stay in the United States and study medicine is cause for celebration says Erwin de Leon, but Victor is just one of millions.


Muslim Immigrants in a Brooklyn Neighborhood Walk a Careful Line in Wake of Anti-US Violence

Defending Islam against an anti-Muslim video as well as anti-U.S. violence in the Middle East.


Immigration News Picks, August 28, 2012: Jeb Bush Blasts Party Over Immigration Platform

A debate over the Republican party’s positon on undocumented immigrants.

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Muslim Street Food Vendors Keep Cooking Despite Ramadan Fast

Many of the Muslim vendors of New York’s ubiquitous food carts spent the last month fasting for Ramadan, even while serving others.

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Maggi: The Local Seasoning from Everywhere

Immigrants from all over the world call Maggi seasoning a “taste of home.” Reporter Aurora Almendral reveals the power of the brown sauce and its surprising history in this radio story for our partner, PRI’s The World.


Podcast: African Immigrants Transform Conference Calls Into Radio

This week’s podcast features a story produced by Abdulai Bah for our radio partner WNYC. Bah explains how West African immigrants in the U.S. use free conference-call services—like those used in office meetings—to DJ their own radio shows.

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Free Conference Call Services are a Vital Link for African Immigrants

Entrepreneurial African immigrants are using conference call technology to distribute “radio stations” that can be dialed into from anywhere in the world. Listen to the story Abdulai Bah produced for our partner, WNYC Radio.