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Reportaje desde Texas: por qué aumenta la posesión de armas entre latinos

El extremismo de la derecha radical contra los latinos y el aumento de los tiroteos masivos han impulsado al grupo cultural más grande del estado a recurrir a la posesión de armas. Algunos están ansiosos por estar armados, pero sienten que tienen pocas opciones.


Report from Texas: Why More Latinos Are Arming Themselves

As extremist threat rises, Latino Texans say gun ownership is ‘matter of survival.’


Timeless Stories About Immigrant Life In America

A look at hard news coverage and in-depth features.


Feet in 2 Worlds Podcast: Female-Friendly Car Club Defies Lowrider Stereotypes

In San-Antonio, a group of female lowriders are holding their own in the macho world of car culture. Freelance reporter Veronica Zaragovia rides along with these women for the Fi2W Podcast.

Ted Cruz Brings His Conservative Message to the Republican National Convention

Republicans a the GOP convention applauded what Ted Cruz had to say Tuesday night. But what is he saying? Jack Tomas offers a critique of Cruz’s speech.

Understanding Ted Cruz – A Fellow Cuban-Texan Explains the Rising GOP Star

Columnist Jack Tomas disagrees with most of what Texas U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz stands for. Yet he feels a certain kinship to his fellow Cuban-Texan.


Will Latinos Play A Key Role in the 2012 Presidential Election?

Listen to a podcast with a pollster from Latino Decisions. They are tracking the political opinions of Latinos in five key battleground states. Their findings might surprise you.

De Leon: Justice Department Protects Latino Citizens’ Right to Vote

The Justice Department blocked Texas’ new voter ID law out of concern that it violated the 1965 Voting Rights Act and would suppress turnout among Latino voters.


Podcast: What Do Latinos Think of Rick Perry?

In this week’s podcast, Texas-based blogger Marisa Treviño explains Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry’s relationship with Latinos in Texas and breaks down his record on immigration.

Gov. Rick Perry’s Record on Immigration – Can He Appeal to Latino Voters & the Tea Party?

The newest GOP presidential candidate has already been criticized by Republican immigration hard-liners for his policies in Texas, where Hispanics make up 38 percent of the population.