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Am I eligible? With Immigration Policy Change Imminent What You Need to Know About Deferred Action

On August 15th, young undocumented immigrants can apply to stay in the US legally. Feet in 2 Worlds asked immigration attorneys “what do people need to know before applying?”

Mitt Romney

A Latino Running Mate Won’t Win Romney ‘The Latino Vote’

Latino political blogger Jack Tomas thinks all the rumors that Romney will choose a Latino running mate are hogwash. In this piece he gives us a rundown of Romney’s Latino VP choices — and explains why they will all fall flat.

SEIU members call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform in front of the White House

Podcast: After Supreme Court SB 1070 Ruling, What’s Next for Immigrants in Arizona?

Many expect a more difficult environment for undocumented immigrants in Arizona under the surviving portion of SB 1070. The law has also sparked a new wave of political activism by immigrant advocates.

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After the Supreme Court’s Decision, How is that AZ Immigration Law Going to Work?

Fi2W columnist Jack Tomas invites us to an imaginary traffic stop in Arizona and asks who are the police most likely to suspect of being in the U.S. illegally?

Jose Antonio Vargas

Jose Antonio Vargas After a Year of Living Dangerously

Jose Antonio Vargas became the public face of undocumented youth when he revealed his status in a New York Times Magazine piece. Cristina DC Pastor sent us this report from The FilAm, an online magazine for Filipino Americans in the New York area.

This man may be disappointed - SB 1070 copycat bills are likely - Photo: FibonacciBlue/Flickr

Supreme Court Hands Down Split Decision on Arizona Immigration Law

In a split ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the “papers please” provision of SB 1070 and blocked the implementation of three other sections.

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Watch and Chat During Obama’s Announcement on Reprieve for Immigrant Youth

Our partner It’s A Free Country is hosting a live chat during the president’s major announcement about ending deportations and providing work permits for young undocumented immigrants.

Jen Furer with son Jonathon

Out of Status: A Bittersweet Memoir of Hope, Family Devotion and One Deportation after Another

A Filipino immigrant’s new memoir tells her family’s struggle to remain in the U.S. legally.

Jose Busca Legalizarse

A New Kind of Comic Book Superhero? José Busca Legalizarse

A new graphic novel features an unlikely hero — an undocumented immigrant who battles fraudulent immigration services.

Undocumented immigrants protest Alabama's harsh new immigration law (Photo: Dreamactivist)

De Leon: Please Etch-A-Sketch Away the Self-Deportation Myth

A new report from the Immigration Policy Center dismantles the “attrition through enforcement” theory professed by Mitt Romney.